Universal Test Machine for Impact Testing

Injection, extrusion, and compression molding have become one of the most popular manufacturing techniques for creating plastic products. Molding processes use either thermosetting polymers or thermoplastic polymers which have low viscosity prior to molding and high to infinite viscosity after molding. TestResources builds material testing machines that can be used for tensile, bend, compression, adhesion, dynamic, fatigue and creep testing of plastics used in injection, extrusion, and compression molding procedures. TestResources modular test equipment is configured by our applications engineers to match your specific material, sample type and test method. Our product line includes a wide variety of test machines, test software, grips, test fixtures, extensometers, sample preparation aids, and environmental chambers. Call us to discuss your test application. ASTM and ISO Injection, Extrusion, and Compression Molded Polymer Mechanical Property Testing Standards The ASTM and ISO testing standards for plastic listed bellow apply to polymers used in injection, extrusion, and compression molding operations. These are standard testing procedures to determine tensile, bend, adhesion, compression, creep, fatigue, and dynamic loading properties of plastics used for molding.

Applicable Testing Standards

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