Interlaminar Shear Test Diagram for Wood Products

Interlaminar shear loads in wood products are most commonly experienced by members in bending. Interlaminar shear tests help to determine the strength of bulk wood products and supplement tensile tests in characterizing the bond strength between wood fibers or particles and resin binder. ASTM D1037 provides test methods for wood based fiber and particle products, including an interlaminar shear test method. Although the property tested is similar to the in-plane shear test, interlaminar shear tests are performed under tensile loading instead of compression. The wood based fiber or particle specimens should measure 2 x 6 in for specimens 0.5 in. thick or less or 2 x 12 in. for specimens greater than 0.5 in thick. For valid test results, failure must occur in the material and not at the specimen-fixture interface. The specific properties of the wood product being tested will determine the need for a low or medium force capacity and tabletop or floor standing test machine. Contact a TestResources application engineer to discuss your wood shear testing requirements and develop the best test solution for your needs.