Puncture resistance of textile materials is a particularly important property for protective clothing and industrial fabrics. It is important that workers, in any industry where they will interact with or be exposed to sharp objects, have protective equipment which can include gloves, shoes, and clothing. Although the size of the puncturing device differs between industries and applicable testing standards, the method is consistent. A material sample is stretched across a diaphragm and clamped into place, typically with a ring clamp. The material is then subjected to a load, applied by the puncture or burst probe, perpendicular to the plane of the fabric, until rupture. Although this is not a typical tensile test in that the material sample is clamped and pulled apart, the textile samples of a puncture or burst test are ultimately stretched in tension, providing another characterization of a material's tensile strength and elongation properties. ASTM and ISO have specified standard test methods for testing the puncture or burst resistance and strength of textile materials. These test methods are primarily driven by industry safety needs. Popular test methods include ASTM D3787 and ASTM 6797 for ball burst strength of fabrics, ASTM 4833 for puncture of geomembranes, ASTM D6241 for puncture of geotextiles, and ASTM F1342 for puncture of protective clothing materials. Textile puncture and burst tests are conducted using low force, high elongation, constant rate of extension, tabletop tensile or compression machines. Special fixtures are required for testing to ASTM and ISO standards for textile puncture and burst resistance and special clamping surface preparation may be necessary for specific textiles. The machine families below are configurable to meet test requirements. The fixtures shown are designed to meet specific ASTM standard requirements and are also representative of the custom fixtures that can be manufactured for special testing requirements.

Applicable Testing Standards

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