974L50 Planar Biaxial Metals Tester

Biaxial tests require Planar Biaxial Metals Test Machines that are capable of static, dynamic, and fatigue tests on square, rectangular and cruciform test samples made of metal and composite fatigue and fracture. These metals research tests sometimes focus on true in-plane states of stress and biaxial loading of design elements. Tension, compression, and shear tests can be performed at constant speed, constant load rate static tests, high speed, and high frequency load controlled fatigue tests. Planar Biaxial Test Machines can be configured to force requirements and operate at test frequencies to 50 hz. These test systems generate high precision states of stress along two axis (XY plane) in a biaxial mode. They feature four individually controlled actuators programmed to create synchronized yet independent control load and strain.

Applications include two dimensional planar studies of material property stress states, two dimensional planar high-cycle fatigue and crack growth studies, and tests under environmental conditions with elevated temperatures.

Recommended Test Machines