Planar Biaxial Extensometer for metals

Biaxial testing metal helps the sheet metal working industry establish the mechanical properties of sheet material. Metal in sheet form is typically anisotropic, with varying mechanical strength in different directions due to its forming process. Standard tensile tests determine properties in one direction and so the resulting test data are not applicable to forming processes such as deep drawing. Also planar biaxial testing is important to simulate actual service loading because the metal may be applied in machine and structural components that are loaded in more than one direction. Note that biaxial loading can cause failure of the material at loads much less than that determined by conventional tensile-testing methods.

Recommended Test Machine

Planar Biaxial Test Accessories

Each system includes sample grips or test fixtures, strain measurement and strain control options, chambers and bathes to produce a controlled test media. We are experts at supplying turnkey systems with integrated fixturing and strain measurement instrumentation.