Biaxial Metals

Fracture toughness and fatigue crack growth tests of structural steel in complex states of stress and at high temperatures is now possible with TestResources’ Planar Biaxial test system. Testing of a cruciform test sample geometry eliminates concern of sample buckling. It also means that loads can be applied at any angle to the axes of the sample anisotropy. Cracks can also be partially or entirely through the thickness and their orientation to the principal stress axes arbitrary.

The 974 Series Planar Biaxial Test Machines can be configured to force requirements and operate at test frequencies to 50 Hhz. This test system features four individually controlled actuators programmed to create synchronized yet independent control load and strain. It generates high precision states of stress along two axis (XY plane) in a biaxial mode. Tension, compression, and shear tests can be performed at constant speed, constant load rate static tests, high speed, and high-frequency load controlled fatigue tests.

Recommended Test Machines