Tape Peel Test

International testing standards organizations work to ensure product labels and tape are securely attached to both products and packaging to guarantee quality branding for your company. A variety of testing standards are tailored specifically to labels and tapes, including ASTM D3330, ASTM D6252, AFERA 5001, PSTC 101, FTM 1 and ISO 29862. Adhesion bond strength can be quantified in terms of peel strength, bonding strength, and sheer strength. The bonding strength of labels and tape can be determined with peel test machines. TestResources universal material testing machines are effectively used for determining the peel adhesion, peel strength, bonding strength, and sheer properties of adhesives, labels and tape. TestResources test machines feature constant-rate-of-extension and constant-rate-of-load control which is important to ensure high data quality. This allows the machines to be programmed to perform many unique testing procedures. Load cells are fitted to specific load applications to ensure the highest resolution of tests. For help configuring your test machine according to international standards, call today to speak directly to a TestResources applications engineer.

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