Tape Peel Test

Peel adhesion testing for tape is done with four different techniques which mimic a peeling motion that the tape will undergo in real use. The four peel testing techniques include 90 Degree Peel, 180 degree peel, T-Peel and Floating Roller Peel. The goal of peel testing tapes is to determine the adhesive bond between two materials. The data from these peel tests can then be used to determine if the adhesive bond is strong enough or too strong for the application and whether a different adhesive or bonding process is needed.

Each peel test requires a different grip to accomplish the test. Grips can be configured to test to specific industry standards. TestResources GD6862-50 is a 90 degree tape peel adhesion test fixture, per ASTM D6862. TestResources G49 is a 180 tape peel adhesion test fixture, per ASTM D903. TestResources G7 is a T tape peel adhesion grip, per ASTM D1876. TestResources GD3167 is a floating roller peel adhesion fixture, per ASTM D3167. For help with choosing the correct peel test fixture for your tape material, call 800.430.6536 to speak directly to an experienced applications engineer.

Applicable Testing Standards

Recommended Testing Accessories