Peel Testing Metal Coatings

Determining the bond strength of coatings such as plastic welding, metal plating, and thermal spray coatings, is an essential aspect of assessing the products’ overall quality. Peel testing adhesion bond strength is done to understand the strength of the adhesion coating to the second material. For example, the clothing industry tests the bonding strength of graphics to textiles. TestResources provides universal material testing machines that are used for determining the peel strength, bonding strength, and shear properties of adhesives. TestResources test machines meet the requirements specified in many standard test procedures for constant-rate-of-extension and constant-rate-of-load machines. This allows the machines to be programmed to perform many unique testing procedures. Load cells are sized and calibrated to ensure the highest resolution of tests. For assistance with planning your peel test and necessary equipment, call today to speak directly with an experienced applications engineer.

Applicable Testing Standards

Recommended Test Machine

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