90 Degree Peel Test

Peel adhesion can be measured using standards provided by FINAT, an international organization promoting the self adhesive labeling industries. Specifically, peel adhesion of laminates are tested per FINAT test method 2 (FTM 2) using a 90 degree peel. The purpose of this test is to compare the adhesive response of different laminates. FTM 2 is predominately used with laminates, packaging materials for food products, and medical devices, it can also be used for coated laminates for investigating the adhesion strengths. In FTM 2, a peel test fixture is used at a test speed of 300 mm per minute (12 ipm). This method measures peel adhesion from a sample plate at a specified angle and speed. For assistance with configuring a peel test machine, call today to speak directly with one of our engineers.

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