G115 Climbing Drum Peel Fixture

Climbing drum peel tests determine the peel resistance of adhesive bonds between a relatively flexible and a rigid adherend. This type of test can specifically measure peel resistance for a relatively flexible facing (or skin) of a sandwich structure and its core. This method peels a thin strip of metal from a thick strip by winding the thin strip around a drum. Torque is applied by pulling down on straps wrapped around the drum. The thin strip of metal is wound on the drum at a smaller radius than the straps. The difference in radius results in a large torque being applied to the drum compared with that applied on the thin strip. The resultant upward motion causes the thin strip to peel from the thicker strip. The average peel torque T can then be calculated. The upward motion of the drum causes the thin strip to be peeled from the thicker adhered resulting in bond failure. For help with planning your climbing drum peel test, call one of our application engineers today at 800.430.6536.

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