Plastics films are commonly used as protective coverings for a variety of products. Often, these low peel force films are used to protect LCD screens and other scratch-prone surfaces, such as the ones found on cell phones and TV’s. Measuring the force required to remove the film is very important for both the consumer and the manufacturer. The film must be easy to remove, yet the bond must be strong enough to remain intact for product security. 180 degree peel tests on plastic films help determine the force required to remove a plastic film from the surface to which it has been applied. 180 degree peel tests are similar to the 90 degree peel test except that the bonded area between the film and substrate is placed vertically between the peel test grips while the free end of the of substrate is gripped at the bottom and the free end of the film is gripped at the top so that it forms a tight “U” shape. For help with planning 180 degree peel tests, contact us or call 800.430.6536 to speak directly with an applications engineer.