IFD Foam Tester

Indentation Load (Force) Deflection or ILD (IFD) is a test method for urethane foam to determine firmness, stiffness or load bearing capacity. Indentation load deflection measures load required to indent a 50 square inch round indentor foot or compression platen into a polyurethane foam sample. ILD or indentation test results are influenced by sample size and thickness of the foam specimen. TestResources ILD Foam Testers deliver accurate ILD firmness readings for foam and foam products applications. Our Indentation Load Deflection or ILD test machines feature ASTM compatible test software and test reports and are outfitted with the required compression platens that will help you meet your requirements. Our modular ILD test machine and foam test equipment is used for both foam research and manufacturing for quality.

There are multiple ILD or IFD Foam test standards used to test foam and foam based products including seat cushions, pillows, convoluted foam, polyurethane foam, viscoelastic foam, cored foam, bonded foam, flexible and expanded cellular foam, urethane foam and closed cell foam. IFD tests determine the support factor, sag factor, comfort factor, guide factor, initial hardness factor, hardness index, indentation modulus and modulus irregularity factor of the foam and foam material used in various foam products.

Applicable Testing Standards

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