Tensile Tear Impact Tests for Thin Plastic Films and Sheets

Thin plastic film is used in a wide variety of applications including plastic bags, plastic containers, electrical covers, and so on. Thin plastic film is derived from a number of polymer materials. The most common of these are polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, nylon, and vinyl. Understanding and characterizing the material properties is done through tensile, tear, and impact testing. Tensile, tear, and impact tests of thin plastic are best performed following ASTM or ISO standard testing procedures to ensure accuracy and repeatability. Thin plastic tensile testing results in information about the stress strain properties of the material. This in important to how the thin plastic will hold up to heavy loads. Tear testing simulates tearing of thin plastic and is used to determine the tear resistance. Impact testing of thin plastic is another material property that is used to characterize thin plastics. There are a number of different impact tests for thin plastics. TestResources is a supplier of tensile, tear, and impact testing machines for thin plastic materials used in films, bags, containers and other products. TestResources machines are highly adaptable for a wide variety of testing applications. Call today to speak directly with a TestResources applications engineer.

Applicable Testing Standards

Recommended Test Machine

Recommended Testing Accessories

ASTM D882 Tensile Grip Thin Sheet

Rated to 220 N (50 lbf)
Designed in accordance to ASTM D882
Maximum specimen thickness of 8 mm (0.31 in)

G227 Series Mechanical Vice Grip

Rated to 220 N (50 lbf)
Maximum specimen thickness of 8 mm (0.31 in)
Wider model allows for specimens thicknesses up to 46 mm (1.8 in)
Cost effective option for low force testing

G229 Series Pneumatic Grip

Rated to 500 N (112 lbf)
Maximum specimen thickness of 6 mm (0.23 in)
Pneumatic design allows for quick specimen setup
Consistant clamping force between tests

G232 Pneumatic Side Opening Grip

Rated to 8 kN (1,800 lbf)
Clamping force up to 16 kN (3,600 lbf)
Maximum specimen thicknesses from 10 mm to 30 mm (0.39 in. to 1.2 in.)
Pneumatic actuation allows for quick and simple specimen setup

Temperature Chamber

Standard temperature range of -155°C to 620°C (-247°F to 1150°F)
Accompanied by a broad set of accessories that are capable of withstanding the heat or cold
PID controlled internal temperature
Mounts directly to the test frame

GSC Sample Cutter

Standard sample widths of 0.50 in. and 1.00 in.
Other sample widths available upon request
Effective and simple to use
Blade replacement takes mere seconds