Three point bending flexural tests provide modulus of elasticity in bending, flexural strain, flexural stress, and the flexural stress-strain response of plastics and other materials. Flexure tests require the load to be applied to the midsection of the test sample so that it is bent into a “U” or “V” shape with the outside surface experiencing tensile forces and the inside face experiencing compressive forces. Bend tests are run until the sample breaks or ruptures with the stress and strain values recorded throughout the duration or until a strain rate of 5 percent has been reached. TestResources provides a variety of bend test machines and fixtures. The G22, G103 and G238 series are popular and configurable bend fixtures. They are available in 3 and 4 point bend versions. These fixtures can be made to test to your particular plastic sample and test in accordance with the common plastic testing method, ASTM D790. G22 3 Point Bend Fixture The G22 3 Point Bend Fixture is made for all types of materials, and is best for stronger and thicker plastics. This fixture can exert forces up to 250 kilonewtons (or 55,000 lbs). G103 3 Point Bend Fixture The G103 3 Point Bend Fixture is made for plastics with mid-ranged toughness. This bend fixture can exert up to 50 kilonewtons (or 11,250 lbs) of force to a specimen. G238 3 Point Bend Fixture The G238 3 Point Bend Fixture is made to bend test thinner and weaker plastics. This smaller fixture can exert up to 2.5 kilonewtons of force (or 550 lbs) and 10 kilonewtons of force (or 2,250 lbs).

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