Determining how to flexural bend test plastics and polymers involves a three step process. The first step is to gather information on the types of samples you plan to test. What type of plastic do you plan to test in flexural mode? Such as composite steel polymer, expanded polystyrene, fiber reinforced pultruded plastic rods, glass, mdpe, natural fiber, plasticized cement, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polymer foam, polymer matrix composite materials, polymeric fibre reinforced concrete, polymeric materials, polypropylene, polyurea, polyurethane foam, rubber and polymer, soft, thermoplastic, or wood plastic composites? Are you testing plastic components in tensile mode? Plastic products such as welding, tubing, tubes, thin films, stents, sheets, samples, polymer rods, plate, pipe, pavement, lumber, laminates, insulator polymer, cards, and beam are common samples in flexural test setups. What variation of a standard flexural test are you planning to perform? Physical flex, fracture, four point bending test, four point bend, flexural fatigue, fatigue, cyclic flexural, cold flex, cantilever beam bend, adhesion and cohesion, 3 point, or mechanical bending? What information or test data do you need to report? This is important to the selection of test software. Information such as flexural behaviour, flexural bending modulus, flexural bending strength, formula, burst rupture, calculation, dimensions, flexural ductility, dynamic bending, flexibility, force and deflection, flexural properties, sample preparation, flexural stiffness, strain rate, stress strain, tensile strength, yield strength, and youngs modulus. The second step involves standard test methods. Do you have an established test method? ASTM and ISO test standards helps define test equipment details and confirm equipment selection. Industry standard test methods provide structure if you are new to testing. They also guide equipment requirements. They are available from organizations such as ASTM, ISO and CEN.

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