Flexural testing of plastics and composites are commonly performed with TestResources three and four point bend fixtures installed in a universal test machine. Our flexural test equipment is modular and configured by our applications engineer to meet the needs of your plastic flexural bend test. Our product line includes a wide variety of equipment for plastic bend testing including test machines, test software, grips, test fixtures, extensometers, sample preparation aids, and environmental chambers. Call us to discuss your plastic flexural bend test application. Plastic bend tests are performed to determine the flexural properties of the plastic material in question. Often, flexural properties that have significance in design include flexural stress, flexural strength, flexural offset at yield, flexural stress at break, stress- strain relationships, flexural strain, tangent modulus of elasticity, secant modulus, and chord modulus. The most popular standard test methods for plastic flexural bend testing are ASTM D790 and ISO 178 for 3 point bend testing, and ASTM D6272 and ISO 180 for 4 point bend testing. These plastic bend tests use a specimen of specified size and apply a load at a constant speed until failure occurs. The test machine acquires data during the test of the stress and strain applied to the plastic specimen for analysis.

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