4 Point Flexural Bend Fixture for Composites

Summary: Information on testing machines and equipment for performing 4 point bend tests on plastics, according to the practices of ASTM D6272. Flexural Bend Standard Test Methods ASTM D6272 covers the practices for bend testing plastics with a four point bend tests. A rectangular cross section bar rests on twp supports and is loaded at two points. The test specimen is and loading members are symmetrically placed relative to the central axis. The load in increased until failure or rupture occurs at the outside edge of the plastic test specimen. The maximum strain of plastic test specimen that can be achieved with the scope of ASTM D6272 is 5%. Bend testing plastic through the practices of ASTM D6272 should be done to ensure repeatable testing results. Repeatable testing ensures that measurements are not influenced by factors that were not considered. For bend testing plastics this might include loading rate, or specimen thickness.

Applicable Testing Standards

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