Configuring test equipment for bond testing applications involves several steps. The first step is to establish the testing requirements and information about your specific test sample and the test information including sample material characteristics, its dimensions and form and the test data report that you expect.

What types of materials and bonds you plan to test? Are you testing adhesive bonded composites, aluminum tape, apparel, asphalt, bamboo, brick, carbon composite fibre, carpet, catheter, cell, cement, ceramic metal, chrome plating, circuit boards, climbing drum, coating bond strength, coil, composite panel, composite panel, concrete beam, copper, dental materials, dentistry, elastomer, epoxy, fabric foam, fabric label, fiberglass, film, films, finger lap, foam, geocomposites, geotextile, glass, glove, glue, gold ribbon, gold wire, grout, implants, label, leather, liquid epoxy, metal film, metal sandwich coupons, metallic coating spray, mortar, non woven, nonwovens, nylon, plastic pvc, plastics, plywood, polycarbonate, polychloroprene rubber, polyethylene, polymer fleece, polyurethane, powder agents, pvc laminates, rebar, refractory bonding mortar, reinforcement bars, rigid plastic, rubber hose pads, scissors, seal, sealant, seams, shoes, solder, sole, spray, steel rubber, stent, tape, textile, thermal spray, thermoplastic, tiles, timing belt, tooth, tubing, urethane, varnishes, vinyl, welds, white metal? What are the different product forms or designs you need to test? Are you testing adhesive bond, aluminum to glass, anchors, anodic bonding, apparel, automotive, ball bond, bandages, beam, bearing bond, bell, bitumen bonding, bonded blocks, bonded joints, bonded rigid plastic, bonding bracket, bonding joints, bonding system, brackets, cantilever, car body, concentric circles, coupon, crimp bond, die bond, disposable needles, dixie bond, double cantilever, double lap, dynamic, fabric bond, fabric foam lamination, fibre bonded, field testing, film to film, finger joint, flame lamination, flatwise, flexible bonded to rigid assembly, flexible laminate, flexible to flexible bonded assemblies, flexible to rigid bonded, flooring, footwear, frp bonding, fuse bond, fused, fusing, garments, gaskets, glass coated metal, glass to metal, glass to steel, glued bonds, ground anchor, honeycomb sandwich, insulator, interfacing, journal bearings, ktc bond, laminated fabric, laminated fabrics films, led wire, medical needle, medical tape, metal bond, metal matrix, metal to glass, metal to metal, metal to plastic, metal to rubber, mortar to epoxy, non bonded, norm wire, orthodontic brackets, orthodontic materials, overmold bond, packaging film, panels, paper and glue, paperboard, plastic film laminate, plastic joints, plastic laminates to wood, plastics to metal, plastics to wood, prestressing, protocol balloon bonding, rebar bond, ribbon, rigid substrates, rigid to rigid assemblies, rubber and brick, rubber bond, rubber to fabric, rubber to metal, sandwich bond, sandwich coupons, sandwich tubes, seam, shock absorber, single lap, spring, steel in concrete, tarp, test bars, thermal and sewn strength, thinset, upper to sole, velcro foam, veneer, wafer bonding, wire hook, wire mesh in concrete, wood to wood? What are the different test types and information that you want out of your test? Different applications include tensile shear, wedge test, 180 degree peel, 3 point bending test, 4 point bending test, 4 point shear bending, adhesion bond peel, adhesive bond strength, adhesive strength, bell peel test, bond adhesion testing, bond energy, bond peel testing, bond shear test, bond strength, bondage compression, bonding fatigue, bonding strength, calibration, check, chisel test, cleavage test, compression test, cryogenic, decohesion, destructive shear, die shear, double lap shear test, double shear, dynamic peel bond, fatigue, flexural bond strength, force test, german wheel, impact, interlaminar bond strength, internal bond strength, iosipescu, joint test, lap bond shear, lap shear adhesion, low temp vibratory, micro shear, microtensile, non destructive bond pull, notched shear, peel adhesion bond strength, ply peel test, premature failure, pull burst bond, pull off test, rebar bond, rollers peel test, seal strength, seal testing, shear bond strength, slant shear bond strength, spunbound delamination, standard test, static test, strength test, stretch test, stripping strength, t peel, tear, tensile bond strength, tensile shear, tension, thermal compression bond, torque bond test, torque testing, torsion, tyvek peel test? As you ponder these terms, call our applications engineer to discuss your requirements.

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