Guided Bend Fixture for Weld Strength Testing

Weld strength is commonly tested using a universal test machine equipped with special three-point guided bend test fixtures and tensile wedge grips. Several different industry standards detail the requirements for tensile and guided bend testing of welds. Weld tensile tests involved the pulling apart of non-homogeneous specimens cut transverse or longitudinal to the centerline of the weld. If the base metal and weld metal tensile properties are of interest, then tensile tests of weld base metal and weld metal must follow ASTM E8 which makes it possible to determine the mechanical properties for these materials. Results include Ultimate Tensile Strength, offset yield, yield point, elongation and reduction of area. Guided bend test on welds helps measure weld ductility and monitor the weld process. During the guided bend test, weld material is loaded at its center point while supported at the ends. It is bent 180 degrees. The lower sample side is inspected for cracks or defects. 

TestResources offers a wide variety of guided bend and tensile fixtures that test in accordance with industry standards such as AWS D1.1, ASTM E8, ASTM 290 and many more. Give us a call and our engineers will configure a fixture to your testing needs. 

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