Tensile Strength Tests of Tissue Engineered Skin

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Tissue engineered skin offers promise as an alternate wound healing treatment when sufficient amounts of autograft are not available, such as in massive burns. Tissue engineered skin is typically much weaker than normal human skin. As a result, it is difficult to apply surgically and is easily subject to damage by mechanical shear. The goal of research performed at The Ohio State University using a TestResources 100 series tissue test machine was to investigate the evolution of mechanical properties in engineered skin tissue. Results aimed to correlate changes in mechanical strength and stiffness with biological activity, including differentiation and proliferation. From this data, mathematical relations were developed to describe the time dependant-behavior of engineered skin tissues. These relations could be utilized to set load and strain limitations for dynamic mechanical stimulation of engineered skin. Learn more: Study of epidermal differentiation governing engineered skin biomechanics at Ohio State