TAPPI T 810 Bursting Strength - Corrugated and Solid Fiberboard

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This method describes a procedure for measuring the bursting strength of single wall and double wall corrugated and solid fiberboard within the range of 690 kPa (100 psi) to 4825 kPa (700 psi) employing a disk shaped, molded diaphragm type instrument. A specimen of board is clamped between two platens with circular opening in their centers. The lower platen is fixed; the upper platen has an adjustable depth but remains stationary for the duration of the test.

An expansible diaphragm is distended through the lower platen by means of hydraulic pressure until the specimen bursts. The maximum hydraulic pressure when the specimen ruptures, is recorded. For the bursting strength of paper, see TAPPI T 403 "Bursting Strength of Paper," and for that of paperboard and linerboard, see TAPPI T 807 "Bursting Strength of Paperboard and Linerboard." This method is not applicable for triple wall corrugated board.

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