Tensile strength of paper can be quantified with the use of a stress- strain graph. TAPPI T-404 test is a standard test method to measure the stress strain relation of paper. Stress-strain curves are universal descriptions of mechanical behavior of materials such as paper when subjected to tensile stress. The test method TAPPI T-404 is an inexpensive process for measuring the tensile breaking strength and elongation of paper and paperboard. TAPPI T-404 required the use of a pendulum

Equipment Required

100 Series Electromechanical universal test machines are configurable to serve paper tension testing applications. The 100 Series test machines are constant rate of extension (CRE) machine, as specified by TAPPI T-404 and TAPPI T-494. A selection of different controllers, actuators and accessories makes them one of our most popular choices. TestResources G149 and G229 Series grips are ideal for gripping paper specimens.

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