ISO 9073 Textiles Test Equipment

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ISO 9073 Textiles Test Equipment

ISO 9073-3 Textiles Test

Application of a force longitudinally to a test piece of a specified length and width at a constant rate of extension. Determination of values for breaking strength and elongation from the recorded force-elongation curve. In order to meet the specific needs of nonwovens, alternative requirements to those listed in ISO 5081 are established in this part of ISO 9073. These are: a) a different sampling procedure; b) a constant rate of extension (100 mm/min).

ISO 9073-4 Textiles Nonwovens Tear Resistance

This part of ISO 9073 specifies a method for the determination of tear resistance of nonwovens by the trapezoid method.

ISO 9073-18 Grab Tensile Test for Nonwoven Textiles

ISO 9073-18 specifies a grab tensile test procedure for determining the breaking strength and elongation of nonwoven materials.

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