ISO 22675 Fatigue ankle foot device Prosthetic Test Equipment

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ISO 22675 Fatigue ankle foot device Prosthetic Test Equipment

ISO 22675 lays out the requirements and test methods for ankle-foot devices and foot units. ISO 22675 primarily specifies a cyclic test for ankle-foot devices of external lower limb prostheses and simulates real loading conditions during the stance of walking from heel to toe. These tests determine performance requirements for strength, durability and service life.

TestResources provides a new and improved Ankle-Foot Test Device that works in strict accordance with ISO 22675. As the only non servohydraulic machine on the market today, this machine operates quieter and cleaner. The system simulates the realistic loading of walking from heel strike to toe-off, delivering ISO 22675 test profiles. ISO 22675 Foot-Ankle Test System accommodates a wide range of prosthesis sizes.

The system also performs static ultimate strength tests such as proof tests and ultimate strength tests involving heel and forefoot forces at lines of action conforming to those that occur at the instants of maximum heel and forefoot loading during the cyclic test. The test machine consists of an advanced two axis simulator with multichannel servo controlled actuators and control system, special software and proprietary sample tilt platform.

ISO 22675 Foot-Ankle Test System Structure

The TestResources ISO 22675 Foot-Ankle Test System is comprised of a rocking fixture for under the prosthesis. The rocking fixture is driven by an electrodynamic actuator. Also included is a vertical fixture to connect the vertical actuator to the sample and a lateral bearing assembly to maintain vertical alignment of the fixture per ISO 22675. The vertical channel will operate in displacement closed loop control with peak amplitude control of foot load; also phase control between the two channels. This is necessary to attain load peaks for ball of foot and heal of foot per diagram on page 14 of ISO 22675. The fixture is connected to a TestResources 810LE4 Electrodynamic Fatigue Test System configured to ISO 22675 requirements. Call today to speak with our experienced engineers about your testing requirements and we will find the best system configuration for you.