ISO 2062 Textile Yarn Break Force and Elongation Test Equipment

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ISO 2062 Textiles - Yarns taken from packages - Determination of single-end breaking force and elongation at break using constant rate of extension (CRE) tester. Note that method C should be used in cases of dispute. This standard applies to all yarns except for glass, elastomeric, aramid, ceramic, carbon and polyolefin yarns. It is intnded for the single end (single strand) testing of yarns. During this test, a constant rate of specimen of 100% per minute is used most often. Twp gauge lengths are permitted -- 500 mm with a test speed of 500 mm/min and 250 mm - with a test speed of 250 mm/minute.

Either a constant rate of extension (CRE), constant rate of travel (CRT), or a constant rate of loading machine shall be used. The machine shall be capable of a rate of etension of at least 500 mm/min. The testing machine shall be either manual or automatic. Give our test engineers a call today for help configuring the best test machine and accessories according to ISO 2062.

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