ISO 17653 Metal Spot Welds Torsion Testing

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ISO 17653 is applicable to spot welded test specimens with single sheet thicknesses ranging from 0.5 mm to 3.0 mm in steels. The aim of this test is to determine the influence of different steel types, welding parameters and other factors on the deformation characteristics of a spot weld. Using the tests defined in ISO 17653, it is possible to determine the weld diameter and the fracture type from fractured specimens. Additionally, the maximum torsion moment and the corresponding torsion angle can be determined.

Torsion moment; the torsion moment is imposed by an electric or electro-hydraulic drive. A steady torsional speed, approximately 90 degrees per 5 s, is recommended. Give our test engineers a call today for help configuring the best test machine and accessories according to ISO 17653.