ISO 13802 in an international standard that verifies pendulum impact testing machines used for the Charpy impact strength test, Izod impact strength test and tensile impact strength test. Each of these impact resistance tests are also standardized by ISO and are described in ISO 179, ISO 180, and ISO 8256, respectively. Impact strength or impact resistance is the measurement of how much energy a material can absorb when impacted by a large impulse. The impact energy absorbed in impacting a plastic specimen in an pendulum impact test is assumed to be equal to the difference between the potential energy of the pendulum and the energy remaining in the pendulum after impacting the plastic specimen. Corrections accounting for friction and air-resistance losses must also be made to determine the true impact resistance of the plastic.

ISO 13802 Annex A describes the physics of pendulums and the characteristic effects of pendulum lengths, the potential energy and the moment of inertia of the pendulum.

ISO 13802 Annex B describes how to determine the ratio of frame mass to pendulum mass required to avoid errors in the measurement of impact resistance or impact strength.

ISO 13802 Annex C describes the physics of Charpy impact testing and the relation to impact resistance.

ISO 13802 Annex D describes the stiffness of the test machine frame required to avoid resonant oscillations upon impact of the pendulum and plastic specimen.

ISO 13802 Annex E describes gauge plate dimensions used for verification of Charpy impact testing machines.

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