ISO 13503

ISO 13503-2 has followed the work of the American Petroleum Institute (API), the original organization for standard testing hydrofracking. API RP-56, API RP-60, and API RP-61 testing standards were used to determine properties of proppants used in hydrofracking. In 2001, API and ISO members formed a group to create ISO 13503, the current standard test methods for testing proppants used in hydrofracking. ISO 13503-2 is the standard test method for determining the hydraulic fracture proppant crush resistance, or crush resistance of proppants. Hydraulic fracturing involves pumping fluids down a well at pressures sufficient to create fractures in the hydrocarbon-bearing rock formation. Proppant is a granular material transported in the fluid to fill the fracture, propping it open once high-pressure pumping stops.

A proppant-filled fracture creates a permeable channel through which the hydrocarbons flow more freely, increasing oth production rates and the amount of oil or gas recovered from the well. Testing provides indication of the stress level where proppant crushing is excessive and the maximum stress to which the proppant material should be subjected.

ISO 13503-2

The test practices of ISO 13503-2 for determining the crush resistance of proppants call for a test machine that has a frame capable of applying loads to 15 ksi. ISO 13503-2 specifies that the test machine used to determine the crush resistance of proppants must be capable of constant rate of extension (CRE) and capable of load rate control. The test can be done with an electromechical or hydraulic test machine with servocontrol.

TestResources model 316Q enables the test to be automated and for tests to accurately be controlled at the required 2000 psi/min loading rate. The controller can also be used to consistently begin the test using a light touch low force contact load that is controlled. In addition special platens and a crush cell are provided.

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