ISO 11405 Dental Material Adhesion Test Equipment

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ISO 11405 gives guidance on substrate selection, storage and handling as well as essential characteristics of different test methods for quality testing of the adhesive bond between restorative dental materials and tooth structure, i.e. enamel and dentine. ISO 11405 specifies two bond strength measurements test (tensile and shear), a test for measurement of marginal gaps around fillings and a microleakage test, as well as giving recommendations on clinical usage tests for such materials. ISO 11405 also presents some specific test methods for bond strength measurements.

Universal testing machine capable of satisfying the following requirements: the ability to mount the tooth/material specimen in the apparatus and the universal testing machine without application of load on the specimen; for tensile testing, the ability to apply a slow and even tensile load and to align the specimen to avoid uneven stress distribution during loading; for shear testing, the ability to apply a load at a clearly defined area and position on the specimen, to secure an exact position for the specimen during loading until fracture, and to have an absolute minimum of friction during movement of the load applicator. Give our test engineers a call today for help configuring the best test machine and accessories according to .