ISO 10328 Lower Limb Prosthesis Strength Test Machine

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ISO 10328 specifies procedures for static and cyclic strength tests on lower-limb prostheses where compound loadings are produced by the application of a test force. The compound loads in the test sample simulate loading which normally occurs at different instants during the stance phase of walking. The tests described in ISO 10328 are comprised of: principal static and cyclic tests of single components; a separate static test in torsion; separate static and cyclic tests on ankle-foot devices and foot units; a separate static ultimate strength test in maximum knee flexion on knee joints and associated parts for all knee units; and separate static and cyclic tests on knee locks. The tests described in this ISO 10328 apply to specific types of ankle-disarticulation prostheses including: transtibial (below-knee), knee-disarticulation and transfemoral (above-knee) prostheses and to the distal (lower) part of hip-disarticulation, and hemi-pelvectomy prostheses.

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