ISO 10123 Shear Strength of Anaerobic Adhesives

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ISO 10123 Shear Strength of Anaerobic Adhesives

ISO 10123 applies to anaerobic curing liquid adhesives used for locking and sealing threaded fasteners and to other adhesives. These adhesives cure without being dependent on exposed air. ISO 10123 defines a test method to assess this material in a way that is similar to the shear stresses that threads are exposed to in their regular environment, but with defined surface areas to make shear strength calculations straightforward. The common name of this technique is the pin-and-collar method.

This test is for ranking and quality control of adhesives; the result does not reflect the performance of the materials in service. This test determines the force required to shear the adhesive joint formed between a metal pin and a metal collar. The static shear strength is calculated from this force.

Testing Procedure

To test in accordance with ISO 10123, a pin and collar are glued together in such a way that the entire inner surface of the collar is the adhesion surface. The assembly is then cured according to the standard. After the adhesive has been cured, it is placed in a compression test machine, supported by a ring, on top of a compression platen. The top of the shaft is then pushed down until the shear adhesion surface breaks. The shear strength is calculated by dividing the maximum force achieved in the test by the inner surface area of the collar.

The collar has an inside diameter of 20mm and a height 18mm. Therefore the adhesion surface area is 1131 square mm (1.753 square inches). The shear strength of some anaerobic adhesives can be about 3700 psi. Therefore a surprisingly large test machine may be necessary for this test.

Our materials testing engineers recommend a larger compression test machine, such as the 312 or 313 Family Universal Test Machine (see more below). The test machine may also be smaller depending on the shear strength of your strongest adhesive. Give our test engineers a call today for help configuring the best test machine and accessories according to ISO 10123.