IEC 62275 for Cable Tie Testing

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IEC 62275 for Cable Tie Testing

IEC 62275 specifies the mechanical testing requirements for composite, metallic and non-metallic cable ties. Cable ties, also known as zip ties or tie-wraps, are a type of fastener. Cable ties are used in a wide variety of application environments and must be able to withstand a wide variety of elements. There is an increasing number of suppliers for cable ties but not all cable ties are created equal. IEC 62275 ensures that the product meets strength specifications and confirms quality reports from the manufacturers.

Materials, design and control of manufacturing processes combine to characterize the mechanical properties determined by the manufacturer and help ensure their reliability in the application environments and conditions. The main measure of performance for a cable tie is its loop tensile strength. There are 2 types of products that are distinguished by the demonstrated ability of the product to retain its respective declared loop tensile strength or mechanical strength value during tests. Type 1 must maintain 100% of the mechanical strength value as received, and retain 50% of its strength after exposure to environmental conditions. Type 2 must maintain 100% of its loop tensile strength after exposure to environmental conditions.

Mechanical Performance Ratings

There are two kinds of mechanical tests that are required by the standard. Once such test is a pull test to failure to measure the maximum force attained in both at the received condition and after heat aging. The other test is a pull test to the declared tensile load of the manufacturer and held at that load for 60 seconds. This second test requires a test system with closed-loop control capable of load control testing.


  • Test system requires closed-loop control capable of load control tests
  • Force capacity of the test system should sufficient to break the strongest cable tie you plan to test
  • Constant rate tests with closed-loop control will provide the most accurate and repeatable results

The versatility of cable ties has led to their use in a very wide variety of applications. Our systems cover all force ranges required by cable tie testing, contact us today to discuss your options!