ASTM F451 (F-451) determines the self-curing resins used primarily for the fixation of internal orthopedic prostheses. This specification covers compositional, physical performance, and biocompatibility as well as packaging requirements. Materials shall be tested and shall conform to specified values of appearance, stability, sterility, viscosity, intrusion and compressive strength.

TestResources offers electrodynamic, servo-hydraulic, and universal test machines customized for the unique test requirements of biomechanics research. Many biomedical tests need to be conducted in environments simulating the human body. To meet this requirement, TestResources designs and manufactures temperature controlled biobaths with optional flow circulation. Stainless steel grips and accessories are available for testing in the corrosive environments required for many biomedical tests. Contact a TestResources application engineer to assist you in designing a complete biomedical testing solution or help you find the right accessories to upgrade your current test system.

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