ASTM F382 Flexural Fatigue Bone Plate Fixation Devices Test Equipment

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ASTM F382 covers testing methods for mechanical properties of metallic bone plates. The standard calls for a special TestResources test fixture (GF382) that replicates bending movement in a single cycle test, as well as fatigue evaluation of the plate design.

The four point flexural bend fixture consists of two loading rollers near the center and two support rollers at the ends of the fixture. Rollers are available in various sizes for different size bone plates. Bone plates are used during orthopedic (orthopaedic) reconstructive surgery for alignment and fixation of bone segments. The strength and stiffness of the plate allows the bone to heal while providing structural support. Bending strength and stiffness information and fatigue life of the device are determined in this specification. Related Standards: ASTM F384.

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