ASTM F36 Compression and Recovery Test Equipment for Gasket Materials

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ASTM F36 Compression and Recovery Test Equipment for Gasket Materials

This test method covers determination of the short-time compressibility and recovery at room temperature of sheet gasket materials, form-in-place gaskets, and gaskets cut from sheets. A resiliency characteristic (the amount recovered expressed as a percentage of the compressed thickness) may also be calculated from the test data.

Compressive spring rate information is desirable. In most cases we advise that a deflectometer be added to the test machine configuration to provide very accurate compressive displacement data. If this device is not used, be careful to consider the deflection of the test machine’s frame and actuation mechanism as part of the specimen deflection data. In most cases this machine data can be compensated out of the test data.

This test is not intended as a test for compressibility under prolonged stress application, generally referred to as “creep,” or for recovery following such prolonged stress application, the inverse of which is generally referred to as “compression set.” But the test machine configuration can be used as such.

All TestResources universal test machines can be used for this test. The test machine is selected based on the maximum compressive force required. If you do not have this information, contact TestResources. We can run trial tests for you to determine this information and make a test machine recommendation. We recommend that the upper compression platen have a spherical seat. This ensures even compressive force distribution throughout the test specimen. Give one of our application engineers a call today for help with creating the best budget and testing plan according to ASTM F36.

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