ASTM F2706 Fatigue Static Spinal Implants Test Equipment

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ASTM F2706 is a standard test method for comparing designs of spinal implants for the occiput and neck. Occipito-cervical and occipital-cervico-thoracic spinal implants are often composed of several components are serve to stabilize the spine during spinal fusion, also known as arthrodesis. Mechanical testing is done in vitro to quantify static and dynamic properties of different designs of the spinal implant. ASTM F2706 does not attempt to mimic the complex motion that is naturally experienced in the upper neck. Therefore, in vivo performance may differ from the in vitro testing results. ASTM F2706 suggests fatigue testing to be at a rate of 5 Hz. Also, testing should be done in a dry environment and in a simulated body fluid or saline solution.

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