ASTM F2582 Fatigue & Static Femoral Head & Acetabular Prosthesis

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ASTM F2582 is a standard test method for determining mechanical properties of the acetabular prostheses used in femoral hip implants. The acetabular section of the hip implant is the section that attaches to the hip bone, and provides a socket and lubrication for the femoral cup to attach and move. ASTM F2585 describes test methods for describing capable motion of the femoral head in the acetabular socket. Static and fatigue testing of the acetabular prostheses is also described in full detail. Fatigue testing of metallic femoral hip prostheses used in hip joint replacements is incredibly important. This test method describes fatigue tests on metallic femoral hip stems using a cyclic, constant-amplitude force. It applies to hip prostheses that utilize proximal metaphyseal fixation and are of a modular construct, and it is intended to evaluate the fatigue performance of the modular connections in the metaphyseal filling (that is, proximal body) region of the stem. Other testing standards related to hip-joint prostheses include: ISO7206-4/6/8/9/10, ASTM F1820, ASTM F2009, ASTM F2582, and ASTM F2345.

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