ASTM F2118 Fatigue Testing Equipment for Acrylic Bone Cement

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ASTM F2118 Fatigue Testing Equipment for Acrylic Bone Cement

ASTM F2118 describes test procedures for evaluating constant amplitude, uniaxial, tension-compression fatigue performance of acrylic bone cement materials. Uniform cylindrical reduced gage section test specimens are manufactured from acrylic bone cement and mounted in a uniaxial fatigue frame.

ASTM F2118

The specimen is subjected to fully reversed tensile and compressive loading in a sinusoidal cyclic manner at a specified frequency in phosphate buffered saline (PBS). The fatigue loading is continued until the specimen fails or a predetermined number of cycles is reached. ASTM F2118 describes a uniaxial, constant amplitude, fully reversed fatigue test to characterize the fatigue performance of a uniform cylindrical waisted specimen manufactured from acrylic bone cement.

Testing Procedure

Mount the specimens and firmly grip the specimen at each end. Ensure the longitudinal centerline of the test specimens are aligned with test machine loading axis such that no bending moment may be applied to the specimens. Mount an environmental chamber on the load frame and fill with fresh test solution immediately after the specimen is mounted to keep the specimen from drying out.

The chamber should be filled to a level such that the entire specimen is immersed. Distilled water shall be added to the test chamber during the course of a test to make up for evaporation loss. The temperature controller should be programmed and activated to heat the test solution to 37 degrees C.

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