This ASTM F1890 computation method of softball bat performance factor covers a method for determining bat performance by measuring the bat-ball coefficient of restitution (BBCOR), deriving the bat performance factor (BPF) and calculating a batted ball speed (BBS). ASTM F1890 computation method is applicable to softball bats of any construction or material. The ASTM F1890 method provides a quantitative measure of bat dynamic performance that may be used for comparison purposes.

Use of this ASTM F1890 test method can provide sports governing bodies a means to compare calculated BBS and other physical properties of bats. This ASTM F1890 test method offers a laboratory means to compare the performance of a softball bat. The BBCOR, BPF, and BBS are each calculated from measurements taken in the laboratory on test equipment meeting the requirements defined in this ASTM F1890 specification.

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