This ASTM F1887 coefficient of restitution (COR) measuring method of baseballs and softballs procedure is intended to standardize a method of measuring the coefficient of restitution (COR) of baseballs and softballs. As specified in this ASTM F1887 test method, the ball coefficient of restitution is a ball dynamic property of relative velocity change caused by impact with a rigid wall.

Testing Procedure

This ASTM F1887 procedure is established to provide a single, repeatable, and uniform test method. This ASTM F1887 procedure is for a ball that is intended for use in the game of baseball or softball. Sports associations can use coefficient of restitution standards in this ASTM F1887 specifications for official baseballs and softballs. This ASTM F1887 test method is suitable for obtaining data in research and development, quality control, and classifying balls by liveliness. The ASTM F1887 test method is based on ball speed measurements before and after impact with either of two test surfaces: wood or metal. This same test procedure can be utilized at impact speeds other than that prescribed in this ASTM F1887 procedure and so noted in any reported test results.

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