ASTM F1566 tests analyze mattress components, innersprings and boxsprings and mattress sets. The test includes measuring the firmness, firmness retention, durability and effect of impact of component innersprings and boxsprings. The Mattresses and mattress sets are tested for firmness, firmness retention, durability, effect of impact and height change. This testing is only intended to be done on new material. Our engineers are very familiar with mattress testing to ASTM F1566 and can help guide you through the process with the correct compression test machine. Contact us today to discuss your options.

Common Materials

  • Foam
  • Steel
  • Cotton
  • Polyester Batting

Related Standards

  • ASTM E4 Practices for Force Verification of Testing Machines
  • ASTM D3574 Testing Equipment for Flexible Cellular Urethane Foams

Recommended Test Machines

Recommended Accessories