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ASTM F1306 Slow Rate Penetration Resistance of Flexible Barrier Films & Laminates

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ASTM F1306 Slow Rate Penetration Resistance of Flexible Barrier Films & Laminates

ASTM F1306 test method specifies the test conditions for determining the characterization of flexible materials, such as barrier films and laminates, and their resistance to slow rate of penetration under a driven probe. The test is carried out at room temperature by applying a biaxial stress at a single velocity.

What Is ASTM F1306?

ASTM F1306 permits flexible barrier films and laminates to be tested for slow rate penetration resistance to a driven probe. The test is performed by applying a biaxial stress at a controlled test velocity until perforation occurs. The force, energy, and elongation to perforation are determined. This puncture resistant test method evaluates the ability of a material to withstand a concentrated force. It is used to compare one material to another in packaging specifications. It is also useful to assess a material’s performance through an event such as shelf life or sterilization. The test is based on a sample of 0.0025 mm (0.0001 in.), whichever is larger.

Why Use a Standard Test Method Like ASTM F1306?

ASTM F1306 is useful for support of engineering design and development, to confirm internal quality assurance, to compare one material versus another, to provide a clear specification for commercial transactions, and to provide insights for first time test developers.

What Test Machines Are Recommended for Thin Film & Sheet Plastics?

Our universal test machines serve multiple plastic testing applications and are capable of performing virtually all quasi static tension/compression tests, such as tensile, peel, and adhesion. Our machines feature a uniform constant rate of extension (CRE), or constant velocity control mode, with a speed range between 1 and 500 mm/min (0.04 to 20 in/min). Force measurement complies with ASTM E4.

The slow rate of penetration speed for ASTM F1306 is 25 mm/min (1 in/min). Loads are small and depend on sample thickness. Sample sizes are 76 mm (3 in) x 76 mm (3 in).

ASTM F1306 Test Summary

Penetration or puncture resistance is an important end use performance requirement of thin flexible materials where a sharp-edged product can destroy the integrity of a barrier wrap. This can cause potential harm to the product and reduce shelf life. Material responses from puncture to stretch may be observed using the TestVideo Software module and quantified using this method. The test data to be reported includes peak force, probe penetration to break, and energy to break.

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