ASTM E466 Load Controlled Constant Amplitude Fatigue Tests of Metals

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ASTM E466 covers axial force controlled fatigue tests of metallic materials in the fatigue regime where strains are predominately elastic, both at initial loading and throughout the test. ASTM E466 is limited to the fatigue testing of axial unnotched and notched specimens subjected to a constant amplitude, periodic forcing function in air at room temperature.

Testing Procedure

Place the specimen securely in the grips of the testing machine. Specimens can be round or flat. Take care to adjust the specimen symmetrically to distribute the load uniformly over the cross section. This avoids complications that prevent the true strength of the material from being evaluated. Take care to properly align the specimen. Refer to ASTM E466 for rate of machine movement (0-100 Hz). Start the machine. Continue sinusoidal cycles to failure. Record the load at the time of failure.