ASTM E2760 covers the standard test method for creep-fatigue crack growth. The crack-fatigue test is done a high temperatures with various frequencies and hold times of uniaxial loads. Both the temperature and load should be at levels that produce creep and stress deformation. Results of this test can serve to assess damage to structures operating at high temperatures, characterize materials, or R and D.

Test machines used in this process must be able to cycle the load on the test specimen and house the test specimen in a heat chamber. Grips used to hold the test specimen need to withstand creep and fatigue in the heated environment. TestResources specializes in Test Equipment, Machines & Fixtures that are used in material testing. We have the material testing machines that are used for ASTM E2760 test standard. Call our applications engineers to talk with an expert in material testing. We will work with you to guarantee a test machine that fits your application.

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