ASTM E2714 covers the standard test method for creep-fatigue testing. Creep-fatigue testing is done at high temperatures with sequential or simultaneous stress applied to the test specimen. The temperature and stress is such that deformation from both creep and stress. In many cases the test specimen will need to be in a vacuum or case with an inert gas to prevent oxidation with standard air. ASTM outlines the purpose of this test to be for the assessment of deformation and damage of structures at high temperatures, verification of damage and deformation models, material characterization, or fatigue life assessment of high-temperature components. Each of the purposes previously mentioned also have continuous cycling force on the test specimen and fatigue data analysis.

Test machines used in this test will need a force or strain control for loading the specimen. Devices used to grip the test specimen need to be able to withstand the high-temperature environment. Deformation in the form of creep of strain in the grips will affect the test specimen measurements. TestResources specializes in Test Equipment, Machines & Fixtures that are used in material testing. We have the material testing machines that are used for ASTM E2714 test standard. Call our applications engineers to talk with an expert in material testing. We will work with you to guarantee a test machine that fits your application.

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