ASTM E 1290 is a test method used to analyze the fracture toughness of a material by measuring the crack-tip opening displacement in materials that exhibit change from ductile to brittle behavior with decreasing temperature.

Formerly under the jurisdiction of Committee E08 on Fatigue and Fracture, this test method was withdrawn in January 2013 and incorporated into Test Method E1820 for Measurement of Fracture Toughness. To read more on ASTM E1820, go to this page.

Testing Procedure

ASTM considers three fracture events to be important to the fracture toughness of a material. The three events in which CTOD measurements are taken include; (a) the onset of unstable crack extension without significant prior stable crack extension, (b) onset of unstable crack extension with significant prior stable crack extension, or (c) the end-of-test after significant slow stable crack extension. A bending test, with slow bending rates, will be used to propagate the fracture. Temperature of a test material will have a significant impact on the fracture toughness. ASTM E1290 outlines the procedure for determining the influences of temperature in the fracture toughness. The geometry of the test specimen is also an important consideration because it can actually affect the measured CTOD values. A test machine that will be able to grip and fit different sixed test pieces is advised. Fracture toughness is an important measurement for many maintaining a quality product. Welding, in particular, can result in heat affected zones that are high probability fracture zones. ASTM E1290 test method is a good manufacturing quality control.

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