ASTM D7615 is the standard test method for open-hole fatigue response of polymer matrix composite laminates. ASTM D7615 provides for testing composite specimens in tension-tension, compression-compression, or tension-compression cyclic loading. A specimen support fixture, as defined in ASTM D6484, is required for any tests using compressive loading. If testing for changes in specimen stiffness, cyclic loading is halted after a predetermined number of cycles to make a stiffness measurement under quasi-static loading.

Ultimately the test is run until failure of the composite specimen occurs by fracture, rupture, or a predetermined loss of dynamic stiffness. ASTM D7615 is the fatigue testing supplement to the ASTM D5766 test of tensile open-hole strength and ASTM D6484 test of compressive open-hole strength of polymer matrix composite laminates.

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