ASTM D7565 Tensile Properties of FRP Matrix Composites for Civil Structures

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ASTM D7565 describes the requirements for sample preparation, tensile testing, and results calculation of flat fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite materials used for the strengthening of structures made of materials such as metals, timber, masonry, and reinforced concrete.

ASTM D7565 may be used to determine the tensile properties of wet lay-up and pre-impregnated FRP composites fabricated on site or manufactured in a factory setting. The FRP composite may be of either unidirectional (0-degrees) or cross-ply (0/90 type) reinforcement. ASTM D7565 can be used to obtain the tensile force capacity and ultimate tensile strain of FRP material used for the strengthening of other structural materials such as, metals, timber, and reinforced concrete.