ASTM D7137 covers compression residual strength properties of multidirectional polymer matrix composite laminated plates, subjected to quasi-static indentation per Test Method D6264 or drop-weight impact per Test Method D7136 prior to application of compressive force. Susceptibility to damage from concentrated out-of-plane forces is one of the major design concerns of many structures made of advanced composite laminates.

Compression Test Machines for ASTM D7137

Compression Test Machines

Type: Electromechanical or Static Hydraulic
Force Range: 5 kN (1125 lbf) to 3,000 kN (670,000 lbf)

Our compression test machines measure characteristics such as ultimate compression strength, yield strength, deflection and modulus. Compression test machines are typically configured by adding compression platens to a universal test machine but we also have compression only machines available.

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ASTM D7137 Test Fixture

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